Revest Finance Multisig Acts Decisively to Prevent Abuse of Funds by Legacy Team


Why was this done?

What was done?

What does this mean?

Who is who?

  • Rob: 0xD76F585b6B94202430875aE748fF8C038Dc64111
  • 0xFoobar: 0x7E22AebC01ef48A2A6D39EaDF37b3BFac17C9649
  • Louis: 0x9f75d69380a505a4e2AedB5C2dfdf41809E4D6C6
  • Chris: 0x677b038Bc2DB99851be553673d0cBf8Cac6A0F3F
  • James: 0x4D3f9F513FC366Aa075e53B592dCE9c14BF838A6
  • Theto: 0x314Dd53a6074Dcc8F6e44d05a86f7DdA212bbea7
  • Theto: 0xcf7434dBB0f4F61855ADF5e9A3c117d9B5fAe903



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