Revest Finance Announces Partnership with LiquidDriver

Revest Finance
3 min readMar 8, 2022


Revest Finance is delighted to announce a partnership with LiquidDriver, the first liquidity mining dApp providing liquidity-as-a-service (LaaS) in the Fantom Opera ecosystem!

About the Partnership

Revest Finance is thrilled to announce a partnership with LiquidDriver, and the launch and integration of an exciting piece of tech: Smart Wallets! The tech has been developed and launches this week — and with it, the first custom integration of FNFTs to reach markets! Revest will be providing next-generation Smart Wallet tech to assist LiquidDriver in making their formerly illiquid locking token xLQDR into a transferrable position. For Revest stakers, this is a long awaited moment — each xLQDR FNFT created will charge a one-time fee of 1 FTM at creation, with 1% of all rewards accrued through all FNFT positions also being routed to Revest stakers!

What are we doing together?

To reap the benefits of owning LQDR tokens, LiquidDriver users must lock their tokens into the xLQDR contract for long periods of time; until now, these positions have been immutably tied to a user’s wallet, making it impossible for users to trade their locked position. However, with Revest’s introduction of FNFT-linked Smart Wallets, users can now lock their LQDR into Revest FNFTs and trade these positions on secondary NFT Marketplaces (and soon, dedicated FNFT ones). This is all made possible from natively within LiquidDriver’s UI, with the integration of the Revest SDK giving LiquidDriver users an app-native gallery to view and interact with their FNFTs from. Through the flexibility of Revest’s built-in modularity, users can natively perform all interactions through FNFTs just as they can through traditional wallet-specific LiquidDriver locks — this includes claiming, depositing additional LQDR tokens, re-locking their positions, and even the upcoming voting mechanic! The transferability of FNFTs means that the xLQDR can now be traded and transferred by trading or transferring the FNFT. Furthermore, multiple positions can finally be created for a single wallet by minting new FNFTs for different durations of time.

What are Smart Wallets?

Smart Wallets are on-chain wallets which are able to act as a proxy for the user in transacting with assets. Typically, these result in the deployment of a smart-contract per wallet, leading to relatively high minting costs; however, the concepts developed by Revest (in concert with suggestions from Fantom-guru Doublesharp) allow Revest’s LiquidDriver FNFTs to dramatically save on gas costs through the use of clever on-chain mechanics. Rather than permanently deploying the contract, the contract may be deployed, used as a proxy for transactions, then destroyed at the end of each transaction — since Ethereum is deterministic, the contract will have the same address across all transactions for a particular FNFT. In LiquidDriver’s case, these Smart Wallets act as a proxy for minting xLQDR and are used to distribute the correct amount of rewards (which can be any combination of ERC-20s) to the associated FNFTs. Since their address is tied to the FNFT’s ID rather than the user’s account, they allow for the frictionless transfer of xLQDR in manner that has never been possible before.

About LiquidDriver

LiquidDriver is the first dApp on Fantom offering on-demand liquidity as a service. We offer users sustainable yields for providing liquidity for our partners while driving revenue for our holders. We support a wide variety of dApps by incentivizing liquidity for them and improving the trading experience along the way. We aim to be a one-stop-shop for users looking to generate passive income with their assets.

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About Revest Finance

The Revest Protocol offers a revolutionary new use of NFTs as financial tools through the Financial Non-Fungible Token (FNFT). Individual and enterprise-level users can deposit any ERC-20 or ERC-721 into Revest’s interactive FNFTs and set custom unlocking conditions (time, value, or contract-based). Revest allows the tokenization of all non-fungible financial positions with non-fungible tokens. This simple turn-key solution offers elegant applications ranging from token vesting to cutting-edge implications for derivative and borrowing/lending platforms.

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