Revest Finance Announces Details on 9/21–9/24 Reservation Event

Revest Finance is proud to announce that to ensure the most fair possible public distribution of tokens that its much-anticipated Reservation Event will be taking the form of a batch auction!

This event will be launching on the Revest website, Revest.Finance, beginning Tuesday September 21st at 10 AM EST and ending Friday September 24th at 10 AM EST.

33M units of the RVST token will be made available to the public during this event; no minimum allocation will be required, and the event is open to all members of the Revest community.

Revest will list shortly following this event on Uniswap, at a 10% premium to whatever the price determined by the Reservation Event should be. The price of RVST during the batch auction will be determined by taking the total amount of RVST tokens on offer and dividing them by the total amount of Ethereum raised during the event.

For Example: Should 5000 ETH be raised, the price of RVST at launch will come out to 6600 RVST/ETH.