Resonate Announces Partnership with The Granary

What is Granary Finance?

Granary is a decentralized, user-driven money market that supports multi-token reward emissions. A unique data-driven approach & custom liquidation engine enables Granary to deliver higher LTV ratios and more efficient incentive distributions than competitors. Due to this, Granary is able to offer some of the highest & most sustainable stablecoin yields in the industry.

Who is behind Granary Finance?

Granary Finance was recognized early in their development journey by the ByteMason’s team, who offered to join forces. Since then, Bebis and the ByteMasons security team have worked closely with Granary’s lead developer — Fantom Menace. They were responsible for ensuring the project was technically and operationally secure.

Why Granary Finance?

We always seek to align our protocols amongst the best providers. We believe The Granary has done just that, and we plan to grow exponentially alongside this great team. Imagine a lending market with an upfront payout of future yield available, with FNFT liquidity as standard.

About Resonate

Resonate is a Yield Futures Protocol developed by Revest Finance and built on top of Revest’s Financial NFT (FNFT) technology. Using Resonate, we’re able to separate the principal and interest components of a position by issuing two FNFTs; one containing the principal and the other containing the rights to future interest on that principal. Resonate facilitates the commerce of the rights to future interest by matching issuers (who want to sell their interest rights for a one-time upfront payment), and purchasers (who want to buy the rights to future interest for a one-time upfront payment).



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