Resonate Announces Kinto Partnership

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3 min readJan 25, 2024

We are excited to announce our partnership with Kinto!

Kinto, a Layer 2 (L2) rollup leveraging Arbitrum Nitro technology, settles on the Ethereum Mainnet with a primary focus on ensuring user safety and fortifying financial applications. Its comprehensive approach includes default integration of KYC, insurance, AML, and fraud monitoring at the blockchain level.

To bolster security, Kinto mandates KYC checks for participants, restricting transactions to verified users. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is securely stored with user-selected identity providers, overseen by governance. Offering a streamlined user experience, Kinto facilitates access to crypto financial services without the need for browser extensions or private key storage, thanks to its native account abstraction.

Key features include stringent KYC and AML enforcement, built-in insurance, default revenue sharing, an intuitive user interface, full on-chain governance, and a targeted focus on financial use cases. The KYC process is facilitated through a distinctive NFT smart contract (Kinto ID), identity nodes, and KYC providers. Upholding user privacy, Kinto ensures that no user data is stored, and access to personal data is granted only with user permission. The NFT-based Kinto ID acts as a gateway to the network, and KYC providers handle protocols for lost or stolen identities. Identity nodes, with open-sourced code, are instrumental in minting Kinto ID NFTs, managing AML & KYC updates, and addressing incidents such as stolen identities or lost wallets, providing a comprehensive and secure framework for users and developers alike.

How will Kinto benefit the Revest ecosystem and Resonate users?

  • Network wide insurance powered by Kinto
  • Easier Onboarding with Kinto’s privacy preserving User Owned KYC and account abstraction
  • Network native compliance tooling for protocols.

In closing, the collaboration between Revest, Kinto, and Resonate marks an exciting step towards advancing financial solutions in the crypto space.

Want to learn more about Kinto?

Website | Twitter | Discord | Docs

Want to learn more about Resonate?

Resonate is a marketplace where users can lend their variable rate assets to receive fixed rates (or provide fixed-rates to obtain boosted variable rates). Through tokenizing positions with Revest’s Financial NFTs (FNFTs) engine, Resonate is able to offer this interest exchange with fully customizable liquid lockups and zero-slippage.

Resonate enables low-to-no risk asset managers to maintain their secure gains from US Treasuries while tapping into DeFi yields and assets without jeopardizing their initial principal. It empowers asset managers to leverage their existing fixed-income portfolios, unlock hidden value within these assets, and access digital assets in a compliant, principal-protected manner.

This groundbreaking solution is enabled by the unique valuation of short-duration fixed-income assets. Short-term fixed-duration assets typically lack strips, meaning they are purchased at a value lower than their face value and realize that face value upon maturity. Resonate facilitates the realization of this value at any point during the maturity process by lending against the unrealized value. This decouples interest from the underlying asset, allowing borrowers to deploy the borrowed capital into DeFi and digital asset strategies.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Docs



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