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2 min readJan 12, 2023


Resonate Announces Deployment Partnership with Buffer Finance


We are very pleased to announce our deployment partnership with Buffer Finance. Buffer Finance is a non-custodial, exotic options trading platform built to trade short-term price volatility and hedge risk on forex, crypto and commodity positions. Buffer Finance have seeded their BLP token’s liquidity pool with 100,000 USDC of POL, with an additional 15,000 USDC to be used in a rotating 4-week Resonate pool to offer fixed returns for USDC liquidity providers on their platform. Users will be able to earn 18.2% APR on their USDC, paid upfront in USDC!

The committed USDC will be routed into Buffer’s BLP pool, with the future yield accrued injected back into their treasury.

What’s to come?

Buffer Finance integration ✔️

Increased capital deployment(s) ⏳

More vault integrations and partners ⏳

About Buffer Finance

Buffer Finance enables users to trade short-term price volatility and hedge risk with options using their POL (protocol-owned-liquidity) as the standalone counterparty. Their native BLP token is a unique liquidity provider token, and is minted by providing liquidity to their USDC vault. Upon minting, BLP is staked automatically, accruing trading fees and esBFR rewards for its holders. Staked BLP holders earn 60% of the USDC denominated trading fees accrued by the platform, as well as esBFR tokens which are a predetermined emissions rate.

Learn more about Buffer Finance

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About Resonate

Resonate is a decentralized marketplace where users can rent out their variable rate assets to receive fixed rates. Through tokenizing positions with Revest’s Financial NFTs (FNFTs), Resonate is able to offer fully customizable and liquid lockups with zero-slippage. Resonate serves to stabilize interest rates on any yield-bearing protocol across DeFi.

Resonate facilitates the commerce of the rights to future interest by matching issuers (who want to sell their interest rights for a one-time upfront payment), and purchasers (who want to buy the rights to future interest for a one-time upfront payment).

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About Revest Finance

The Revest Protocol offers a revolutionary new use of NFTs as financial tools through the Financial Non-Fungible Token (FNFT). Individual and enterprise-level users can deposit any ERC-20 or ERC-721 into Revest’s interactive FNFTs and set custom unlocking conditions (time, value, or contract-based). FNFTs can be sold on any NFT marketplace at any point while the underlying collateral remains locked.

Revest allows the tokenization of all non-fungible financial positions with non-fungible tokens. This simple turn-key solution offers elegant applications ranging from token vesting to cutting-edge implications for derivative and borrowing/lending platforms. Revest’s flagship product, Resonate, is underpinned, fundamentally, by this innovative technology.

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