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6 min readApr 25, 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of the Regen Portal, an innovative extension of the Resonate platform that allows traders to use high-leverage perpetuals without having to worry about losing their principal! The Regen Portal, now live on Arbitrum, deposits GLP into Resonate to receive upfront, fixed-rates for one-week lockups — this upfront yield is then used to open levered long/short positions, the management of which is left to the user. To celebrate the launch of the Regen Portal, we’re offering 57.2% APR on GLP for the first $420,000 of deposits. Read on to learn more about this game-changing tool and how you can take advantage of our launch bonus!

What is the Regen Portal?

In recent months, perpetual futures have become the bread and butter of DeFi. Success stories from GMX, to Kwenta, to MUX have become commonplace, with the GLP token of 27% APR fame taking center-stage in these discussions. While perpetual counter-party tokens offer their fantastic returns that appeal to the masses, trading perps is seen as a dangerous and unreliable past-time from which few emerge in-profit (if at all). Perp-trading is the heroin of crypto trading, where high-leverage and volatile markets combine to create an environment that liquidates all but the most experienced and lucky traders. One has only to browse the popular Twitter account Coinfessions for five minutes to understand why most traders refuse to touch leverage — the risk of losing everything is simply too great.

An unfortunate victim of a perpetuals futures addiction. The Regen Portal prevents this.

…Until now. The Regen Portal offers a way for responsible traders to degen (Regen) into levered positions without fear of losing their principal. The Regen Portal accomplishes this by paying users the expected yield on their GLP upfront in USDC, then using that upfront yield to open a levered long or short Ether (ETH) position on either GMX or MUX. The user is responsible for managing this position and may close it at any time. The Regen Portal is powered by Resonate, and permissionlessly locks user’s GLP into it for a one-week period to power this functionality. Should a user’s position on GMX/MUX get liquidated, the user will only lose their upfront interest, never their principal. At the end of the week, users are able to reclaim their principal and repeat the process — the worst-case scenario for users is that they get their money back. Using the Regen Portal, you only risk time, not money.

Your principal is always safely stored in Resonate within our twice-audited, battle-tested smart contracts.

Benefits of the Regen Portal

Had our dear coinfessions trader (pictured earlier) elected to use the Regen Portal, he would have been able to open (typically) $250,000 long/short positions on Ether every week, reclaiming his $500,000 at the end of the week regardless of how his perps had fared. As GLP is a semi-stable asset (and stable assets may be added in future updates), our poor gambling addict wouldn’t have seen his life-savings crumble to nothing as Luna sank into the abyss — thanks to the Regen Portal, you can hold a stable (or semi-stable) asset while getting significant exposure to an unstable one! In some cases (like our launch bonus), you can even get more exposure than your principal is worth.

By reducing the threat of liquidation to a minor inconvenience, the Regen Portal frees perp-traders from that nagging, can’t-sleep-at-night fear that they may have been liquidated. You can now rest easy knowing your principle is safu even as you lever up ‘to the moon’. The Regen Portal is more than just principal-protected, ultra-high leverage — it’s peace of mind.

The Regen Portal offers a way to amplify effective yields far above what they would normally weigh-in at. Effective perp-trading following the use of Regen can quickly boost returns on GLP to well-over 150% APR.

A successful trader who has boosted the 26% APR he received on GLP to 158% APR

How it Works

  1. Visit
  2. Choose how much GLP to deposit
  3. Select either GMX or MUX to provide your perpetual position
  4. Decide to either short or long Ether (ETH)
  5. Select your leverage
  6. Press “Execute”, follow the prompts
  7. View your position on MUX/GMX, where you can manage and close it
  8. Once a week has passed, retrieve your GLP from the “Wallet” tab on Resonate, withdrawing it from the Financial NFT (FNFT) within which it was stored
  9. Rinse, repeat, and profit!
The Regen Portal UI: a stunning work of modern art.

Regen Portal Launch Bonus

To celebrate the launch of the Regen Portal, Revest Finance (the team behind the Revest Protocol, Resonate, and the Regen Portal) are happy to announce that we will be subsidizing the first $420,000 of deposits via the Regen Portal at a limited-time offer of 57.2% APR. That means an instantaneous, 1.1% upfront payout for a one-week lock. Moreover, that means that with ~100x leverage on MUX, traders may take positions in sizes that exceed the actual value of their collateral. The highly discerning trader will realize that this means one can hold semi-stable assets while having full-exposure to highly volatile ones. This offer won’t last forever, so make sure to deposit before it’s gone for good!

We’ll have more promotions going on in the weeks following the launch of the Regen Portal, so make sure to follow our Twitter and join our Discord to stay up to date with all the opportunities we have coming down the pipe!


Is it safu?

Resonate has been audited twice, subject to a rigorous internal bug bounty prior to launch and an ongoing Immunefi bug bounty since our launch over 6 months ago. We block incoming smart-contract-based interactions with our system, unless those smart-contracts are whitelisted — this bricks 99.999% of potential attack vectors. You can learn more about our commitment to security via our docs (audits linked within).

Where does my GLP go?

Resonate, the system on which the Regen Portal is built, stores your GLP in Beefy’s GLP auto-compounder.

What are Resonate and Revest? How do they interact with the Regen Portal?

The Regen Portal is a simplified frontend for many of the features of Resonate, the first step in our ongoing plan to improve and upgrade the User Experience for Resonate. The Regen Portal itself doesn’t contain any new smart contracts, it chains together the transactions needed between Resonate and GMX/MUX to create the principal-protected levered position it results in. The Revest Protocol is the system that handles the tokenization of positions for Resonate through Financial NFT (FNFT) technology. The Revest Protocol has also been audited twice, separately from Resonate.

About Resonate

Resonate is a decentralized yield-swapping platform where users can rent out their variable rate assets to receive fixed rates. Through tokenizing positions with Financial NFTs (FNFTs), Resonate is able to offer short-term lockups and zero-slippage trades. Resonate serves to stabilize interest rates on any yield-bearing protocol across DeFi.

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