Introducing Resonate

Enter: Resonate

So how does it work?

Figure 1: This flowchart describes the workflow for both Issuers and Purchasers

Resonate Powers Treasury Deployment

Figure 2: Situation where ABC token is able to slow their burn rate by 40% through utilizing Resonate
Figure 3: A case-study utilizing LooksRare to demonstrate dynamic stability. Future articles will go into more details on this diagram, but for now, it serves to demonstrate a revenue-based system reaching such high deflation that it can reemit all tokens pulled off the market as additional staking rewards without causing any additional inflation.
Figure 4: A demonstration of improvements that Resonate offers to the “inverse-bonding” concept currently in use by OlympusDAO and others. Resonate allows token-holders to maintain their principal holdings while giving up rights to staking emissions for a period of time through clever utilization of time-value-of-money.

The Silent Partners

Status Update



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