Financial utility NFT pioneer Revest Finance is proud to announce today that they have completed their $2.1 Million seed round, with investments from Kronos, NewField Fund, Chainflow Capital, Deltahub Capital, and Zion Capital, in addition to multiple anonymous angel investors.

Revest is the first platform to offer instant liquidity for locked, vesting, and staked assets through its revolutionary toolkit of Financial NFT (FNFT) Smart Vaults. By representing assets as non-fungible tokens within a smart contract “locked” by a user-friendly and fully customizable Smart Vault, Revest combines unparalleled safety and radical innovation to bring a new class of solutions to currently…

The covered call FNFT (CC-FNFT) option confers to its holder the right to take ownership of the FNFT’s underlying asset on the contract’s maturity date, at a pre-specified price, henceforth referred to as “strike” or “exercise” price. To eliminate default risk, the CC-FNFT’s creator deposits the underlying asset into the smart contract at the outset, so the FNFT holder is guaranteed to receive the underlying asset at maturity, should they decide to exercise their option, hence the term “covered call”. Similarly, the covered put FNFT (CP-FNFT) option confers to its holder the right to exchange one currency for another one…

Token vesting is an essential tool to ensure the safety and confidence of early investors in new DeFi projects. The existing token vesting process involves the locking of team tokens for a set period of time, typically one or two years, using vesting platforms such as Unicrypt.

During the vesting period, no team members or angel investors are able to access the locked tokens. Although this is great for ensuring public investors are protected from exit scams, the locking of tokens in this way can create numerous issues for the team and project growth. …

Revest Finance proposes a new protocol for the packaging, transfer and storage of fungible ERC-20 tokens as non-fungible tokenized financial instruments, leveraging the ERC-1155 Non-Fungible Token standard for ease of access and universality of commerce.

Using this product, ownership of underlying assets may be traded in ways that do not affect the value of the underlying asset, leading to a new meta-layer of commerce.

Value Proposition

Current DeFi value locking solutions are inadequate. With currently available value-locking mechanics, trustless transfer of the future rights to locked assets is impossible. …

Revest Finance

The world's first platform to offer instant liquidity for locked assets.

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